Thee ism.

You may say I am white and I do have an ism, and it’s called (for example) Catholicism? That’s true but Catholicism is not the ism. Without the ism (and you know what I am talking about), there will be no Catholicism in the end, certainly not the Catholicism we are used to. Without minimal intolerance or discrimination (which is what the ism is about), for example, Islam (which is an intolerant ism) will dominate the world and hence, there will ultimately be no Catholicism in the end. Therefore, Catholicism is only a secondary ism to the ism, in fact all isms are secondary to the ism. It’s strange because the ism is not as big or as important as secondary isms such as Catholicism, as there is no doctrine, dogma or literature (like the Bible) behind it, however, without the ism, secondary isms like Catholicism are pointless and do not work. The ism is not religious but is philosophical. Therefore, all other isms are ultimately pointless for white people without the ism.

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