White South Africans.

To inform white South Africans that the problem with white people in America and Europe and across the globe is not that they do not care, but that they are ismless, may ameliorate some of their anger towards us for so called not caring and our ‘betrayal’ of them; especially the British for the Boer War etc. Without the Ismlessism, you just become angry about the Second World War and the Holocaust etc, which for sure are definitely the reasons why white people are ismless. However, without the Ismlessism you do not understand and just become frustrated. The Ismlessism can correct the ism down here in life, but if word doesn’t spread fast enough, white people should as precaution, give up down here and look forward to the afterlife just in case, where we will fully regain the ism, our ism, sensibly and peacefully.

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