Physics versus religion.

I feel quite pleased because as you probably know I am an avid reader. I read every day for a minimum of 1 hour. I can read anywhere from 1-5 books a month. I have always worried that reading academic books such as history, religion and philosophy etc is not as good as the sciences such as theoretical physics, which I know is like 100 times better academic reading? I have always worried that in the afterlife I would simply ditch general reading for a proper science like physics? However, the discovery of the Ismlessism and how it fixes the ism has proven to me that RELIGION or the general academic reading and study of history and religion can be every bit just as important as theoretical physics, because it deals with isms. I mean for example, how can you help your people or country without overcoming the ism? Physics is awesome but it is never an ism and it will never overcome the ism. Only religion and philosophy are an ism and can deal with them. Physics may get us to the stars but it can never help us spiritually or politically. Therefore, I am happy because I know that I can definitely continue my general academic reading of history, religion and philosophy in the afterlife. Reading is therefore eternal.

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