The Ismlessism is a non-aspiring (non-Christian or Buddhist) religion, I know this because I started with a beautiful Hindu design as a joke, but it was a bit over the top and over dramatic. Then I got serious and toned down the design and I tried a secular peace dove symbol. My aim was to make Ismlessism a fictional organisation or an NGO (Non-Governmental Organisation) by using a .org domain extension. I did this because I thought Ismlessism may be more like a philosophical ism like relativism, absolutism or absurdism etc, but to my complete surprise it’s actually not, it is more like an eastern religion such as Hinduism or Confucianism. I know this because I retried an eastern religious symbol, this time with the Yin yang symbol and I definitely noticed that the Ismlessism suits an eastern religious symbol. However, I also noticed it has to be a non-aspiring (non-Christian or non-Buddhist) religious symbol, hence the Yin yang symbol. The Ismlessism gets the ism through the eastern religious symbol. Therefore, this confirms to me that the Ismlessism is a religion. However, I think you know what is white people’s true religion?

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