The ism.

I was worried that the adjective ‘ismless’ would be the best term as it’s shorter than the noun Ismlessism. However, it’s not. I obviously got the adjective ismless first and it is definitely needed and required grammatically, however, the idea goes much further. Anyone can attain the adjective ismless from off the top of their heads, but you cannot attain an ism or a religion from off the top of your head, you need attain the noun Ismlessism. I have read almost every day since August 2016 totalling over 150 books (as of April 2021) entirely honed and focused on the singular purpose of fixing the ism and helping white people. I have tried several methods or ideologies to solve the ism on social media over the years. I spent a year writing an 87k word essay about the forgiveness of the Holocaust called time for forgiveness. All of which failed. I then gave up on my quest to fix the ism. I unofficially converted to Catholicism and began to pray the Rosary every day, and then miraculously my prayers were answered when during my prayers I realised the adjective ismless and then subsequently I realised the noun Ismlessism. The Ismlessism is the true solution to the ism or racism. That is how to found an ism and a religion. The adjective ismless is not an ism or a religion. Unlike the noun Ismlessism, the adjective ismless is not capitalised and does produce the noun Ismlessist which can also be an adjective, for example:


  1. an adherent of the religion based on the teachings of Ismlessism. “she was a practicing Ismlessist”


  1. relating to the religion based on the teachings of Ismlessism. “the retiring Ismlessist follower”

So to reiterate:

The Ismlessism is the FULL noun.

The Ismlessism is proper.

The Ismlessism is the ism.

The Ismlessism is a religion.

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