Please note the Ismlessism is a non-aspiring (that is, non-Christian or Buddhist) religion, like Confucianism or Taoism. I mean I personally believe that Jesus Christ and the Buddha are one and same deity or God, but Ismlessism is nothing like those big or ‘REAL’ religions. I am personally a devout (unofficial) Catholic by the way, and that’s what I really do and that’s really where the Ismlessism comes from. I believe all peoples should pay their dues to Christ and the Buddha, but I think you can do other things such as the worship of ancestors, Saints or Prophets etc (if you know what I mean). I did actually try Buddhist art and symbology with the Ismlessism on this website, but I just became bored and lost interest. Buddhism and Christianity are way too powerful. When I tried Buddhist art and symbology, the Ismlessism was lost and the it just became Buddhism. Hence, I lost interest. Therefore, the Ismlessism is just a religious ism, more like Confucianism, Hinduism or Jainism etc. Confucius is not a god in Confucianism but a spiritual father. Ismlessism is a very small religion but it protects and guards the ism, which probably is a big religion. I have explained it before, but how do I know that the Ismlessism is not philosophical? Because it’s definitely not secular, it absolutely begs for a non-aspiring (preferably eastern) religious symbol, such as the Yin yang symbol. It just works with such non-aspiring religious symbols! I have read many philosophy books, including all 26 of Plato’s authentic works and several modern philosophical books as well, and I know the Ismlessism is not a philosophical ism, like descriptive relativism etc. The question therefore occurred to me as to why do professional modern philosophers not make, found or attain religions or religious isms? You could say because they are not supposed to because they are secular, however, I had no intentions to found a small religious ism. I have simply read over 150 history, philosophy and religious books, the vast majority of which are historical. In fact, I believe that modern philosophers would probably love to be able to create religious isms like the Ismlessism, instead of just philosophical isms like normative relativism etc? No, I believe the reason that modern philosophers (who are 100s of times more capable than me) do not found religions and only create philosophical isms like meta-ethical relativism is because they are not allowed to. I am an independent reader, I am not in or affiliated with any university or orthodox institution etc, however, I believe that universities may stop or restrict philosophers from founding religions or religious isms. I believe modern philosophers are especially restricted or censured (and afraid) when it comes to the ism or racism. They don’t dare create a religious ism. Whereas I am an independent reader who is free from all censure and criticism. I dare. If a university student or philosopher tried to solve the ism or racism they would be censured, restricted and likely be kicked out of the university.

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