All religions are Asian.

It’s more or less true that all big or extant religions or religious isms come from Asia, even Christianity comes from Western Asia. The only truly European religions such the Greek, Roman and Norse religions are all extinct, and European religious symbols such as the Germanic Valknut and the Norse Yggdrasil are also extinct and more importantly completely broken because of the ism and because white people are ismless. Native European religious symbols do not work with the Ismlessism, only eastern or Asian religious symbols. However, Asian religious symbols are not limitless, there are perhaps a dozen and I have tested the suitability of many and subsequently I have narrowed down the Asian religious symbols that are suitable for the Ismlessism. I have come up with at least three that work really well: Confucianism/Taoism, Jainism and Hinduism. Therefore, you may notice I swap these symbols around periodically. Therefore, to reiterate all true religions and religious isms come from Asia, however, is the Ismlessism a European ism? Yes. I think we all know what is the true European ism? But is the ism religious? No.

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