European creed.

I believe the Ismlessism is European. I believe in the union of the pan-European people. I believe I am European in both mind and body. I believe in a European heaven and afterlife. I believe I will be European on this side of life and the next. I believe in the victory and the perpetual evolution of the European people. I believe European people have the inalienable right to an ethnically homogeneous homeland. I believe the Ismlessism is a European religion. I believe the ism is essential to the success and survival of the European people. I believe the Ismlessism is the solution to the ism. I believe the Ismlessism removes the anger and hatred of the ism. I believe the Ismlessism protects and fixes the ism. I believe the ism was destroyed by the Holocaust, however, I believe the ism is now fixed by the Ismlessism. I believe that as long as Adolf Hitler is an Ismlessist or professes or believes in the Ismlessism, that he is forgiven and therefore, that all white people are forgiven for the Holocaust. I believe European people can possess and use the Ismlessism for peace, without hate and without violence, forever, Amen.

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