Can you talk about race without hate? Yes, it’s called the Ismlessism. Prior to the Holocaust white people commanded respect because they had the ism. Non-white people knew more about what white people liked and did not like and had enough respect of them to leave them alone in certain ways such as miscegenation. Because of the Holocaust white people lost whatever respect they had, because it made them completely ismless. What the Ismlessism might do is regain white people their respect. If you are a religion as opposed to national they might respect you? For example, Africans would never disrespect Chinese people or Jainists in whatever ways offended them, because Chinese people and Jainists have done nothing wrong and they also possess an ism. You would never ‘force feed’ Hindus beef or Muslims pork, however, white are people being ‘force fed’ what they do not like, namely multiculturalism and miscegenation etc. Therefore, if white people regained the ism by professing the Ismlessism, there by becoming ‘Ismlessists’ with deeply held beliefs and virtues etc, non-white people might respect ‘Ismlessists’ enough to automatically know what ‘Ismlessists’ like and do not like and avoid any rudeness or offending them in the ways that they know that will offend them. With automatic respect there is no need for violence. The Ismlessism is non-violent. Therefore, they may ‘leave us alone’. You may say why would I want non-white people to ‘leave white people alone’? ‘Leaving us alone’ can be about more than such as mixing, socialising or interbreeding, ‘leaving us alone’ can also mean harm, violence and terrorism etc.

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