The Power Of Saints.

I truly believe in the power and magic of the Catholic Saints, and I believe that the Ismlessism religion was only given to me by or because I encountered, read about and studied many Catholic Saints. My conversion to Catholicism was triggered in January 2021 by reading Life In A Medieval Monastery: The Monks Of Durham Cathedral by Anne Boyd. In this book I learned about Saint Cuthbert of Lindisfarne. I was totally astonished at my own complete ignorance of the holy, sacred and miraculous origins of my own local cathedral and in fact the City of Durham itself. Durham Cathedral, castle and indeed the City of Durham was founded in 995 AD, on the final resting place of Saint Cuthbert’s relics by monks fleeing the Viking raids on Lindisfarne. Therefore, Durham wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for Saint Cuthbert. I came to truly believe in Saint Cuthbert. I came to believe that Saints are magic. To me, the secret of miracles is that I don’t care. I don’t care if they are less than accurate, they are economic. Many miracles are attributed to Saint Cuthbert and his relics. Miracles attract pilgrims, devotional offerings, money and lands and etc. Therefore, what does it matter? Saints and miracles build cities and even countries. The history of Durham Cathedral and Saint Cuthbert made me question my Protestant faith. I then read Bede’s Life of St Cuthbert by the Venerable Bede, Building St Cuthbert’s Shrine: Durham Cathedral and the Life of Prior Turgot by Lionel Green, In Search Of The Northern Saints by Simon Webb, a book called Inspiration from the Saints by Maolsheachlann Ó Ceallaigh, and The Rosary Handbook by Mitch Finley, all of which I absolutely loved. You would not believe how pious, devoted, austere, strict and holy the Saints were, they are such an inspiration. Along with many others, these books (especially The Rosary Handbook) have made me fall deeply in love with the Catholic Saints and the Catholic faith. Starting with St. Cuthbert and then reading all of these books turned me into a genuine Catholic convert, certainly a believer and practitioner. The Rosary itself is profound, powerful and deep, and instantly you realise that Anglicanism does not offer you anything like the sort. Unlike Catholicism with its incense smoke and the Rosary, Anglicanism has no substance, stuff or material. Therefore, you cannot be truly religious with Anglicanism. To be honest I had never truly prayed in my life until I read The Rosary Handbook by Mitch Finley. With the Rosary, praying is so genuine and natural. Therefore, due to St. Cuthbert and the above mentioned books I am convinced Catholicism is the true and only western Christian religion. Anyway, as mentioned, I believe that by reading about and venerating the Catholic Saints, unofficially converting to Catholicism and by praying the Rosary every day, that I was GIVEN the Ismlessism religion by the Catholic Saints. You can read about the Saints with examples from their lives in my devotional Catholic tumblr blog here:

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