I believe anyone of any religion can be an Ismlessist as long as they are basically Caucasian, however, I would like the Ismlessism to be as broad as possible, for example I’d like the Ismlessism to extend to the Middle East, without compromising the whole point of the religion, which is whiteness and that European and Middle Eastern people etc should become PROGRESSIVELY whiter. However, for simplicity’s sake please forgive me if I refer to Ismlessists as Europeans or white people. I have always believed in the ism, I have always believed that the ism is the most important thing to white people, (it is just unfortunate that the Germans cursed it). I have always believed that before absolutely anything else in the world at all white people need the ism first. I believe the ism is first and before all other isms. I believe this because what is the point of religious isms such as Catholicism or Judaism if they do not have the ism first and foremost, in the background hitting the nail on the head for eternity? I mean what is the point of a multicultural Catholicism or Judaism? It’s not something we ultimately care about for eternity. In fact, in the long run, will there even be a Catholicism or a Judaism for eternity without having the ism first? Therefore, I believe there are two types of religions, the one that cares and the ones that don’t. Therefore, firstly we have the Ismlessism, which does care about whiteness and hits the nail on the head for eternity and which is therefore the first religion or background religion. And then there are the second religions such as Catholicism or Judaism, (which as stated, however, are probably in eternity pointless without the first religion or background religion), which don’t care about whiteness and do not hit the nail on the head for eternity. Therefore, I believe one could possibly identify as a Jewish Ismlessist or an Ismlessist Jew? Or one could potentially identify as a Ismlessist Catholic or Muslim Ismlessist or even an ‘Ismlessist Islamist’ etc. I believe an Ismlessist is monotheistic. That is, I believe an Ismlessist believes in One God.

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