The desire of a white Ismlessist.

I have been on this quest to solve the ism, namely racism since either the 1st or 2nd of August 2016, I know this because I bought my first book on Amazon on the 31st July 2016. Anyway, one thing that I have definitely learned and understood on my quest is that having the singular desire to help or save white people, with absolutely no desire to attain nirvana, is actually a very modest, humble and altruistic goal or exercise. The Ismlessism is a non-aspiring religion, that is, we do not give a damn about personally attaining nirvana for absolutely no good or paramount reason or to simply just sit there yogis-style and ‘be’ it or anything rubbish like that, we just want to save white people, which is an unbelievably modest desire. Therefore, the only desire of a white Ismlessist is to save all white people through non-discriminatory and non-racist ways (and absolutely nothing else like nirvana).

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