As mentioned white people, especially Europeans have traditionally been very aggressive throughout history, however, although having the singular Ismlessist desire of saving white people and absolutely nothing else (like personally attaining nirvana) is very modest, humble and altruistic, we are NEVER warriors! Forget the mighty Romans and forget the fierce-blood-eagle performing Vikings, they all became Christian anyway. The Ismlessism wants NO WARRIORS! No Achilles! Ismlessists are real, we believe times have changed since the Holocaust, and that we are beyond violence, therefore, learn from the Asians such and Mahatma Gandhi as his message of nonviolence. Ismlessists are real and we believe that the only way to truly save white people today is through peace and religion. I mean shit even the Muslims might learn from us?

Though you might conquer in battle A thousand times a thousand men, You’re the greatest battle-winner If you conquer just one – yourself.

Dhammapada verse 103.


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