Thee ism.

I mean at this point, in its early days as a religion, the Ismlessism doesn’t have a lot of stuff behind it, such as doctrine, dogma, creeds, customs, traditions and ceremonies etc. We can only try things with trial and error. I have to admit that apart from the Ismlessism being the ANSWER to the ism, namely racism, and apart from the belief that as long as Adolf Hitler became an Ismlessist and believed in the Ismlessism, that he would be forgiven, thereby saving white people, I am completely clueless. However, I am imagining all sorts of things like white gowns, Druid attire and wizards and shit etc. I mean why not? Remember, the Ismlessism is a non-aspiring religion, that is we do not give a shit about personally attaining nirvana or anything like that, we just want to save white people. I believe many religions across the world such as Jainism and Hinduism demonstrate that you do not need a Buddha or Jesus Christ to start a religion. All you need is an ism. I mean I have read the Bible three times and many books about Christianity and all that Our Lord and Saviour did was give the apostles such as St. Paul something to do. Also, even though the Ismlessism is a white religion, we should not separate from the Asians as they have so many ancient isms that we can possibly share? If you stop doing racism, you might get thee ism, the white ism, the Ismlessism!

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