Repression, oppression and martyrdom.

The thing is about white political martyrs or political prisoners such as Britain First’s Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen and the former English Defence League’s leader Tommy Robinson, (who have all suffered stretches at her majesty’s pleasure (prison time) for their political beliefs and convictions etc) and who probably feel like heroic martyrs or political prisoners, is that their sacrifices were for nothing. Because of the Holocaust, white people cannot sacrifice or martyr themselves for political beliefs or convictions, but they probably can for religious beliefs and convictions. Unlike Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela, (who both served prison sentences, or were martyrs and political prisoners), and who ultimately won, white political prisoners suffer for nothing. The reason white political leaders suffer for nothing, is because they are not or do not have a religion or a religious ism such as the Ismlessism. A religion such as the Ismlessism should be able to give white people a genuine reason to suffer martyrdom, repression and oppression that may actually win or be right in the end. Martyrdom without being right is a losing battle unfortunately. For example, I know that if the authorities or powers that be shut down or censured the Ismlessism, that I would definitely be a martyr or political prisoner. It’s a religion, it’s people’s faith, it’s freedom of religion etc and they can’t fuck with that.

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