I believe formal institutions such as the universities and the church etc restrict and do not encourage the formation of new religions and new religious isms etc. There is no university degree course in the world on how to form a new religion or religious ism. It’s important to know, that I had no intentions of forming a new religion or new religious ism, I simply asked the QUESTION, is there any forgiveness for the Holocaust? Is there anything we can do to fix racism? Is there anything we can do to save white people? And then I attained the ANSWER. It’s strange however, I believe formal institutions have always tended to leave it to people on the outside of their institutions such as ascetics, wild men and holy men (who spend long periods of time in isolation in wildernesses eating locusts and wild honey etc) to form new religions or new religious isms. I am none of the above, however, I am on the outside of any institution. I believe today, that particularly with institutional political correctness, universities restrict and virtually prohibit us from asking the right QUESTIONS and from researching so called taboos, whereas I am on the outside of any institution and I don’t care about what people think about where I channel my energies. Therefore, I believe it would be a good idea to have universities or institutions of absolute freedom, where you have the complete freedom to research anything you want, despite who it offends or how taboo or politically incorrect your research is. I like to go there and go where no man has gone before. I like to shock and I believe an institution of absolute freedom would encourage the formation of new religions or religious isms. For example, if you want to investigate the occult and Satanic worship you should also be allowed to pursue your idea. That is how I attained the Ismlessism. I believe the lesson is that to achieve the formation of a new religion or a religious ism, is that you don’t need an institution?

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