16 Beliefs of Ismlessism.

  1. The paramount, primary and fundamental belief of the Ismlessist is Matthew 23:12: ‘For those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted.’
  2. The full admission and acknowledgment that white people are doomed because of two world wars and the Holocaust.
  3. The Ismlessist believes that white people are ismless because of the Holocaust.
  4. The Ismlessist believes that all groups of people must have a religious ism of their own.
  5. The Ismlessist believes that theIsmlessism is a double ism, it is thee ism, it is a religious ism and it is the ANSWER or solution to theism, namely racism.
  6. The Ismlessist believes that theIsmlessism is a hypothetical universal and anti-racist religion or religious ism.
  7. The Ismlessist believes that the Ismlessism is the eternal and unquestionable ANSWER or solution to the ism, namely racism, the Holocaust and the forgiveness of Adolf Hitler.
  8. Another belief of the Ismlessist is that the Ismlessism was attained through extensive reading, prayer and devotion, primarily through writing an 87,000 word anti-racist joke about Adolf Hitler, which asked the QUESTION can we forgive Adolf Hitler, fix racism and save white people? Therefore, the Ismlessist believes that the 87,000 word thesis calculated, simplified and crunched down to one single mathematically perfect one word formula, equation or ANSWER from heaven or God.
  9. The Ismlessist believes that the universe works, in that heaven or God or heaven always has a mathematical ANSWER or solution to any problem or trouble for those earnestly and humbly ask, even for the Holocaust etc.
  10. The Ismlessist believes that the Ismlessism removes the racism from Adolf Hitler, and that as long as Adolf Hitler becomes an Ismlessist and believes in and professes the Ismlessism, that he would be forgiven, thereby attaining the atonement and salvation of all white people.
  11. The Ismlessist believes that the Ismlessism removes all the racial hatred and anger from world.
  12. The Ismlessist believes in eternal peace and strict nonviolence.
  13. The Ismlessist believes in the strict non-use of hate or aggression, especially politically.
  14. The Ismlessist believes in the ancient, universal and fundamental morality of compassionate charity, asceticism and poverty, which all religions of the world teach, including Judaism, Buddhism and Christianity. There are many scriptural examples, however, the parable of the rich man and Lazarus (Luke 16:19-31) is a good one. Therefore, the Ismlessist believes that there is reward in charity and that God and heaven reward those who are generous or charitable.
  15. The Ismlessist believes in the philosophy that religion (as opposed to science and academia, which always seek talent), God and Jesus Christ etc like and prefer disabled saintly simpletons to talented evil geniuses. That is that religion or God prefers primitive Saints (such as St. André Bessette whom was illiterate) to advanced sinners (such as Steve Jobs and Bill Gates etc). This is the Ismlessism and how it was attained.
  16. The Ismlessist believes in reading, writing and prayer, as these activities were how the Ismlessism was attained.

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