Pilgrimages instead of tourism.

As the Ismlessism is a hypothetical white religion we need to figure a few things out by trial and error. Because the Ismlessism is a hypothetical white religion of ancestral worship, there are potentially many holy sites and places of pilgrimage in Europe and elsewhere where Ismlessists could pilgrimage and gather, celebrate and worship our ancestors with kinds of ceremonies and rituals. Perhaps Stonehenge would be a place of pilgrimage and worship, perhaps even an epicentre of the Ismlessism, like Islam’s Kaaba? I mean does the Ismlessism originate and centre in the British Isles? Is Stonehenge and Britain a Mecca for white people? Or perhaps the Chauvet, Lascaux and Altamira cave painting sites in France and Spain respectively would also be places or centres of Ismlessist worship and pilgrimage instead of tourism? I mean pilgrimages instead of tourism would be better ways to venerate, honour, respect and worship our white ancestors? 

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