The most powerful ism.

Now that I have discovered a new religious ism, I love all religious isms, especially non-aspiring Asian isms, such as Hinduism, Jainism, Confucianism and Taoism etc. I mean since I have discovered the Ismlessism I have come to care less about the two real religions or real religious isms, namely Buddhism and Christianity and to care more about other non-Christ/Buddha religions. Since the advent of the Ismlessism, I have come to truly believe in for example, the magic and power of the Catholic Saints, and in alternative mystical religions such as the Kabbalah etc, I mean the hell why not? The Ismlessism proves that you don’t have to be a deity to form a new religion. I mean the Ismlessism has no founder who has attained nirvana, just a disabled schizophrenic who has attained the Ismlessism. However, although they are the greatest human beings to ever grace the face of this Earth, I believe that there is more to religion than the Buddha and Jesus Christ. To reiterate, I have come to truly believe in the magic and power of the Catholic Saints and in other religious leaders such as Mahatma Gandhi etc. I have come to believe that you don’t always and only have to believe in the Buddha and Jesus Christ. I believe there is more to religion than those two deities. I mean the only desire of an Ismlessist is to save white people and absolutely nothing else. Ismlessists don’t care about attaining nirvana, as the Ismlessism is already attained. Also the Ismlessism differs from other religions such as Buddhism and Christianity in that it does not want to save as many souls as possible, I mean it does not just want as many believers, followers, practitioners and converts as possible, it only wants white followers and converts, therefore there is kind of a limit to how many Ismlessists there can be. Anyway, now that the Ismlessism has been discovered on the 12th of April 2021, it has got me thinking that new religions do not come around every day, however, I believe it would be good to encourage more. I mean it would be good to see many other people try to create many other new religious isms. I couldn’t imagine what they would be about, however, now that you know that all it takes is five years of reading, an 87,000 word essay and a singular devoted desire (such as in my case the ism, namely racism) perhaps there would be more other new religions or religious isms? I mean remember mainstream academic institutions such as universities and churches do not encourage or promote the formation of new religions or religious isms, and remember that I am on the outside of any formal institution. However, to me even if their was a selection of new religious isms to choose from, you would always choose and back the Ismlessism. Why? Because at its core it solves and is about the most powerful ism in the entire universe, that is, the ism, namely racism. Once it has been conquered, there is potentially so much power in the ism, namely racism. There is no mental, spiritual or political force as powerful today in the world as the ism, namely racism. Therefore, potentially there is a lot of power in the ism. Therefore, to reiterate, as far as religious isms go, you would always choose and back that one, the Ismlessism?

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