Anger and hate.

I believe the reason that British people were terrorised with grooming gangs over recent decades by predominantly Asian men is because white people have not fixed the ism, namely racism. The ism, namely racism causes racial hatred and anger in the world, and such as the Asian rape gangs do what they do out anger or hate for white people because white people have a serious problem, in that they have not fixed the ism, namely racism. The Ismlessism is a double ism, it is thee ism, and it 100% fixes the ism, namely racism. The Ismlessism is a hypothetical new religion and if it was promulgated and instituted in Europe it would remove the racial hatred and anger in the world and prevent the hatred and anger arising in Asian and African men, thereby preventing things such as terrorism and grooming gangs etc.

It is a cool, calm and forgiving religion.

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