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I am not perfect, I am developing the Ismlessism as I go, and I may have to retract a few things. For example, can non-white people be Ismlessists? I have said that the Ismlessism is a white religion and that it only seeks white followers or converts, however, I maybe wrong? I admire and respect Asians and their many and beautiful religious isms and lands etc, and I would not feel good if I couldn’t be a Buddhist or a Jainist etc. So perhaps we can share religious isms? I mean at least the Ismlessism gives us Europeans a religious ism to barter with? I think that miscegenation and interracial marriage would happen better and more amiably with a religion or a religious ism, than without one or secularly, as is currently happening. Without the Ismlessism you get rape, prostitution and grooming gangs etc. However, at the same time, the fundamental desire of an Ismlessist is the salvation of white people, as that is entirely how it was achieved. We don’t care about attaining nirvana, only saving white people. However, saving white might not mean segregation, but saving grace? With a religion or religious ism, miscegenation may happen with honour and respect. I mean for example, because white people have not fixed the ism, namely racism Asian men hate white people, particularly our white politicians and white political leaders. Grooming gangs are contempt for us, our police force and our political leaders etc. However, with a religion or religious ism, such as the Ismlessism Asian men such as Iranians and Iraqis may actually like us? Therefore, interracial marriage may happen with honour and respect etc?

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