Bigger than racism.

Now that we have accepted that non-Europeans can become fully fledged Ismlessists (as along as they know that the Ismlessism is a 100% European ism, that it is about the salvation and protection of white people and that they have to do it entirely our way etc), why is it that we cannot tempt Asians with Christianity, however, we can tempt Asians with the Ismlessism? I mean why is it that Christianity is unattractive to Asians and yet the Ismlessism is attractive to Asians? Is it because the Ismlessism universal? Is it because the Ismlessism is eternal? Is it because the Ismlessism, being a European religious ism is similar to the Asian religious isms such as Jainism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism and Confucianism, whereas Christianity is not a religious ism? I mean don’t know why but the Ismlessism is attractive to all peoples whereas Christianity is not, but perhaps it is because the Ismlessism is eternal, universal and not racial or ethnic? I mean it’s unbelievable because Indians are deeply, anciently, devoutly, ancestrally and genetically Hindu and Jainist etc, yet they are attracted to a brand new, one month old religion created by an unemployed schizophrenic in his study in Easington Village in County Durham, England on the 12th April 2021, (about tea time). Why? I think the reason that devout Indian Hindus, Buddhists and Jainists are attracted to the Ismlessism is because it is a double ism, it thee ism and most importantly is overcomes theee ism, namely racism. Racism is the biggest ism in history or the universe, even bigger than Hinduism and Jainism etc, and that is why Asians are attracted to the Ismlessism. This may be good for white people because it means that Asians are not necessarily just attracted to our beautiful women and genes (the flesh) but to our religion or religious ism (the spirit). However, although racism is the biggest ism in history, is it bigger than the Ismlessism? No! The Ismlessism is a double ism, it is thee ism and it is bigger than the ism, namely racism.

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