External or altruistic salvation.

I have recently unofficially (but wholeheartedly) converted to Catholicism from the Church of England. I definitely prefer Catholicism because, firstly I wholeheartedly believe in the communion of Saints, in fact the turning point that led me to Catholicism and praying the Rosary and then subsequently to the epiphany of realising the Ismlessism was a book called Life In A Medieval Monastery: The Monks Of Durham Cathedral by Anne Boyd. In this book I learned about Saint Cuthbert of Lindisfarne. I was totally astonished at my own complete ignorance of the holy, sacred and miraculous origins of my own local cathedral and in fact the City of Durham itself. Durham Cathedral, castle and indeed the City of Durham was founded in 995 AD, on the final resting place of Saint Cuthbert’s relics by monks fleeing the Viking raids on Lindisfarne. Therefore, Durham wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for Saint Cuthbert. I came to truly believe in Saint Cuthbert. I came to believe that Saints are magic. Also, I prefer Catholicism because of the Rosary, which to me is wonderful. It was actually during a Rosary prayer that I realised that white people are ismless. Therefore, I wanted to discuss two things, firstly I just wanted to point that if a white Protestant converts to Catholicism, it achieves practically nothing. However, if a white person converts to the Ismlessism it achieves a lot, it saves all white people. So instead of being saved in the internal or personal usual Christian way, why not save all white people in an external or altruistic way yourself, by the act of converting to the Ismlessism? Jesus Christ saves YOU and you alone! So instead of saving one person, that is yourself, why not save all white people altruistically by converting to the Ismlessism? You can do it, we can all save all white people individually ourselves by converting to the Ismlessism. Also I wanted to discuss how can we be both Catholic or Hindu and Ismlessist at the same time? Maybe because the Ismlessism is bigger than the ism, namely racism, which is the biggest ism in the universe, that the Ismlessism supersedes all other religions?

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