I wanted to discuss three things, first of all I have discovered why the Ismlessism must have an Asian religious symbol and Asian art, it is because having an Asian religious symbol and Asian art makes the Ismlessism attractive and appealing to Asians and this evidently must absolutely paramount. If we used European symbolism and art it would not be attractive to Asians in any way and this is absolutely heinous and wrong. Therefore, this confirms that even although the Ismlessism is a 100% European ism or invention it is also definitely a universal religion and that it wholeheartedly and lovingly accepts all peoples regardless of any creed, religion or ethnicity etc. Secondly, I wanted to clarify that the Ismlessism is a double ism and a double or dual religion, and this means that we do not in any way have to drop our main or real religions. I mean that I am a devout and practicing Catholic and I am also a zealous Ismlessist. So if you like I am a ‘Catholic Ismlessist’. Therefore, as Asians you can definitely and perfectly be a Hindu Ismlessist or a Buddhist Ismlessist or a Jainist Ismlessist etc. Therefore, you can be any religion in the world and also be an Ismlessist. Thirdly, I just wanted to point out to Europeans that because the Ismlessism is attractive to Asians and Africans (because it over comes the ism, namely racism) that it is unbelievably good news that we Europeans actually have a 100% European homegrown religious ism of our own that we can genuinely share, trade and barter with the Asians (who have many religious isms their own). Without the Ismlessism we humble Europeans would have no religious ism of our own with which to barter and trade with the Asians.

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