“We got stars directing our faith.”

I went clubbing in the UK and Ibiza in 1999 and it’s almost like clubbing is a religion and Ibiza is a Mecca for young Europeans today, however, clubbing is not a religious ism because it is not universal and it cannot be taught to infants and children as it is a seedy, adult world of drugs, bouncers, club owners and gangsters etc. In fact, clubbing is underground and is pretty much as far away as can be from a benign and sober religion or religious ism which is 100% universal and totally above ground. I don’t think there is any way to overcome the fact that clubbing is about drugs and therefore is adult and therefore cannot be taught to children and therefore cannot be a religion or religious ism. With clubbing it’s as if adults have a secret from infants in that at about 18 years of age we take MDMA or ecstasy, whereas with religious isms such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and the Ismlessism, we have absolutely are no secrets from infants whatsoever. Religious isms are universal, like the nativity they are relevant to any age group. I mean as you may know I was brought up in a ‘normal’ Protestant family in the 1980s and 1990s on nothing more than pop culture, I was very ‘pop cultured’. I was a fan of rave, trance music, Jimmy Hendrix, Bob Marley and the Beatles etc, and I truly believed in such superstars like they were religious and spiritual leaders or gurus something. However, obviously I turned out to be a vain, show off and drug using teenager. I was never indoctrinated in the New Testament. For young Europeans coming of age it’s as if we all know that the Beatles took drugs and expanded their minds and that it is basically kind of a western tradition for us to do the same and carry on the tradition. Also, concerning religions and religious isms, religious leaders such as Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ and Saints such as Francis of Assisi etc all lived by example of deliberate poverty, moderation and restraint which makes them infinitely better examples for us and our children that vain, show off, drug using and multi-millionaire superstars, who do not live by example at all. I believe musicians and superstars basically have got the wrong idea. I believe superstars have got it the wrong way round. Religious isms such as the Ismlessism are much better for you.

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