I am the discoverer of the Ismlessism and it’s probably obvious to you by now, especially as evidenced by some of my earlier posts, that I was or used to be a medium racist and that the Ismlessism came entirely from the ism, namely racism, or from a near 5 year effort to overcome the ism. I always admired and respected the Asians and I was absolutely never anti-Semitic, however, I didn’t want to share our women, governments and genes with everything else. The first thing the Ismlessism did was make me admire and respect even more the those people who have always had ancient religious isms of their own, namely the Asians. As the Ismlessist, I am very attracted to Asians because Asians have their own religious isms, whereas Africans do not, and having a preference or bias for people with religious isms is not racism. As you can see from my earlier posts I initially wanted the Ismlessism to be a white only religion, and this is because the Ismlessism is undeniably the culmination of a near 5 year endeavour to save, help and protect white people. However, I just couldn’t do it to the Asians, I just couldn’t deny them the opportunity of becoming fellow Ismlessists. The Ismlessism is probably a religious ism, not a philosophical or political ism and it best suits an Asian religious symbol and Asian art. Therefore, with the Asian design or visuals and because of the fact that Asians are also probably attracted to the Ismlessism because:

  1. The Ismlessism solves the ism, namely racism and removes and neutralises the racial hatred and anger from the world.
  2. By making Adolf Hitler THE Ismlessist, the Ismlessism removes racism from Adolf Hitler, thereby forgiving him and thereby saving, helping and protecting white people.

Therefore, to reiterate, because the Ismlessism solves the ism, namely racism, the Ismlessism is probably very appealing to Asians, therefore I just could not bring myself to deny the Asians the possibility of becoming Ismlessists. Therefore, Asians made me happy to make the Ismlessism a multiethnic religion or religious ism. However, perhaps human beings should always identify by their religions or religious isms, as oppose to their nationality, race or ethnicity. Why not have a multiism or polyism society as opposed to multicultural one? Also I am myself very interested in and attracted to Asian religious isms, such as Buddhism, Jainism, Confucianism and Taoism etc, and would be sad if I couldn’t try them out or share with them. Also, I have come to believe that saving, helping and protecting white people does not entail separation or segregation but more making non-white people genuinely, admire, love and respect white people. Therefore, I do want to share our religious ism, women and genes with the Asians because they have their own religious isms. Therefore, I am no longer a racist. I am an Ismlessist. I believe all human beings, either as groups or as individuals should always have religious isms of their own. Is Adolf Hitler the first convert to the Ismlessism? I think Adolf Hitler is definitely the most important convert to the Ismlessism as there is so much benefit for all white people through his conversion and therefore, I believe Adolf Hitler should be known as the first convert. Therefore, like my own conversion experience, I believe the purpose of the Ismlessism would be to convert both racists and anti-racists.

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