I know it’s taken for granted these days however, I would just like to say it anyway that we Europeans can absolutely NEVER war with each other or anyone else ever again. Get it out of your head. For example, The Battle of The Somme took place between 1 July and 18 November 1916 involving more than three million men including one million men wounded or killed. Now there is a beautiful Asian religious ism called Jainism which is about extreme nonviolence. Jainists believe everything has a soul, even plants and vegetables, therefore, not only are Jainists strict vegetarians, they do not even eat root vegetables as that would kill the plant. Therefore, Jainists only pick and eat the fruits from plants in order to not kill the plant. Why you may say? It’s called karma, and Jainists believe that such extreme nonviolence is the way to enlightenment. Now think of all the bad karma that Britons and Germans have for the two world wars and for battles such as the Somme? I believe that the karma or consequences of the world wars and battles such as the Somme are still unraveling for us twenty first century Europeans. Now the Ismlessism is a 100% European religious ism and it is about strict or sensible nonviolence, not extreme or vegetarian like the Jainists but very strict. Now nonviolence definitely does not mean just war or battle but it also means no violent political demonstrations by such as the Antifascists. WE ISMLESSISTS HAVE THE TRUE FORGIVENESS, GUARANTEED PEACE, NONVIOLENCE AND ANTI-RACISM OF ADOLF HITLER. Therefore, it is now you Antifascists who are the violent and aggressive wrongdoers! All white people, whether Ismlessist or not should only march or demonstrate peacefully and strictly nonviolently. Think of Mahatma Gandhi, there is much we can all (including Antifascists) learn from such a great religious leader as Mahatma Gandhi. The twentieth century Europeans got it entirely wrong, likely because of their bad philosophical or political isms, such as liberalism, nationalism, Darwinism and Nietzscheanism etc or because they didn’t have a peaceful and nonviolent religious ism of their own. Something was clearly wrong and I intend to find out through more reading. However, I think that the Ismlessism demonstrates that it doesn’t matter who is king or who is queen or where centres of political power are located. Brussels will do! To be honest, I believe to get over the karma of battles such as the Somme, you would probably need to be a non-root-vegetable-eating Jainist? ✌️☮️

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