Saving our women.

I will put it to you now, that the prime desire of my endeavours since 2007, and definitely since the 1st of August 2016 (when I started reading), was the defence and protection of our European white women. I did not in any way want to share our beautiful European white women with anyone else in the world. However, the Ismless + ism has changed all that, in that I now believe wholeheartedly that if as European men you want to keep your beautiful white European women, that you have to win them, that is, you have to make European men generally and genuinely attractive, likeable, amiable, respected, loveable and impressive to European white women. If you are not a winner and they don’t like you, European white women will leave you, end of. Women should never need to be faithful or have loyalty. We European men have got to make our European women genuinely love us, and the only way to do that is to be as good as Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Therefore, that is what the Ismless + ism ultimately hopes to achieve, in that it should genuinely make our European white women like, adore and attracted to us European men. Despite what the Nazis did, European men have got to compete with Asian and African men to attract their own European white women individually and across the board. We have got to be good and nice across the board to be attractive, likeable, impressive, adorable and loveable to our European women. Fair is fair.

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