The Art of Forgiveness.

Miocene Adolf Hitler, (chimpanzee) with right hand. Caveman, prehistoric man, subhuman, monkey, ape, primate, animal.
Miocene Adolf Hitler, (chimpanzee) with right hand.

I made an 87,000 word anti-racist joke about the forgiveness of Adolf Hitler with 100 works of comical digital art. You need to understand that it is a 87,000 word lighthearted joke, and that you need to learn how to take a joke! The joke calculated and simplified down to one mathematically perfect one word equation or formula which is the Ismlessism. The Ismlessism is the ultimate and unquestionable answer and solution to the ism, namely racism. As long as Adolf Hitler becomes an Ismlessist, and believes in and professes the Ismlessism, he would be forgiven, as the Ismlessism removes the racism from Adolf Hitler. As long as Adolf Hitler is an Ismlessist and professes peace and nonviolence, he is forgiven. Why is Adolf Hitler the first Ismlessist? Because he is the most important Ismlessist, because his forgiveness has the most benefit for all white people. Now the Ismlessism is a 100% European religious ism and it is about strict or sensible nonviolence, not extreme or vegetarian nonviolence like the Jainists but very strict. Now nonviolence definitely does not mean just war or battle but it also means no violent political demonstrations by such as the Antifascists. WE ISMLESSISTS HAVE THE TRUE FORGIVENESS, GUARANTEED PEACE, NONVIOLENCE AND ANTI-RACISM OF ADOLF HITLER. Therefore, it is now you Antifascists who are the violent and aggressive wrongdoers! All white people, whether Ismlessist or not should only march or demonstrate peacefully and strictly nonviolently, without loud screaming or shouting, but only with peaceful singing or chanting. Think of Mahatma Gandhi, there is much we can all (including Antifascists) learn from such a great religious leader as Mahatma Gandhi.

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