New Age of Religions.

I am developing the Ismlessism by or from my own example of how I have behaved, my actions and convictions etc since the 1st of August 2016, when I started reading. Reading is the truth and I have read over 150 books from cover to cover in my endeavour to save or help white people. Therefore, I am trying to be as truthful as I can be as to how I discovered the religion of the Ismlessism since the 1st August 2016. As you know I am a schizophrenic, therefore, before the Ismlessism you really don’t need to know anything about my life, in fact other than my reading and other various endeavours, the less said about before the Ismlessism the better! Whatever happened before the Ismlessism, stays before the Ismlessism! Let nothing more be said about it!! So as you know the Ismlessism came from the ism, namely racism, and going from my own example I think that racism is a warrior. I mean that basically the mentality of a racist is about protecting our women and countries and about being a hero like Achilles, it’s basically kind of a warrior mentality. I don’t mean physically as in hand-to-hand combat or war or anything like that, but more like being a slightly aggressive, brave or heroic spiritual or mental warrior, like Achilles. Going off my 87k word thesis or anti-racist joke about Adolf Hitler, which is entirely about the past or time travel to the past in order to seek forgiveness, clearly racists tend to look to the past and to the warrior code, chivalry, heroism, glory and bravery etc while anti-racists (should) tend to look to the future and to religion, peace and non-violence etc. However, also going off my 87k word thesis or anti-racist joke about Adolf Hitler, I believe that apart from the first half of the twentieth century that we should never really judge the past, because they were warriors and for them it was right to be a warrior, as for example prehistoric man had to be a hunter and ancient and medieval had to be soldiers and warriors etc. It is only post-Holocaust that we are now and forever more nonviolent, peaceful and religious. Racists fundamentally believe that discrimination is key and nonnegotiable, in that at some point there has to be and must be a little impoliteness toward non-white people in order to protect our borders and women etc. For example, declining non-white people U.K. citizenship, immigrant status and deportations etc. Racists fundamentally believe that no matter what, there must be minimal discrimination between black and white in order to save our countries and women etc. Yup! That was exactly me until I discovered the Ismlessism and until I understood how Asians genuinely have no schadenfreude about Europe’s Holocaust and that they genuinely want us to fix or remove the ism, namely racism before anything else. It was only in the light of the advent of the Ismlessism, which is a religion or religious ism, which made me see my slight aggressiveness and how I was a bit of a wannabe mental warrior. However, the Ismlessism transformed me into an unbelievably or extremely religious, peaceful and nonviolent person etc like Mahatma Gandhi. I mean ancient and medieval people were all about warriors, heros, chivalry, glory and bravery etc, as demonstrated by such as Homer’s Iliad and Achilles etc. However, I believe that since the world wars (and the Holocaust) that we Europeans and Homo sapiens sapiens have actually left the Age of Warriors behind and as demonstrated by such as Mahatma Gandhi, I believe we have entered a brand new, peaceful, nonviolent, non-warrior Age of Religions. I mean if the Japanese after World War Two could give up the Bushidō samurai code, which was an extreme, traditional, ancestral, kamikaze, victory or suicide, and to-the-death warrior code, then surely European racists can convert to a peaceful, nonviolent and religious ism, namely the Ismlessism? Therefore, today be religious not a warrior.

Though you might conquer in battle A thousand times a thousand men, You’re the greatest battle-winner If you conquer just one – yourself.

The Buddha (Dhammapada verse 103).

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