The desire of a non-white Ismlessist.

I would just like to make a new statement that I have had another change of mind. At first I believed that the Ismlessism was a white only religion or religious ism, but I changed my mind because I could not deny the Asians, however, I said okay anyone can be an Ismlessist and the Ismlessism is a universal or anti-racist religion, however, it is a purely 100% European cultural ism and that you have to do it our way. I am now saying that the Ismlessism is NOT a 100% European cultural ism, but that it is absolutely a 100% universal and anti-racist religion or religious ism, and you can do it anyway or anywhere you want. I thought it was white and a 100% European cultural ism because: 

  1. It was entirely created in Europe (England) for Europeans.
  2. It is entirely about saving white people, as the entire object of over less than 5 years reading and writing was that goal.
  3. Because it fixes or removes the ism, namely racism, which is a purely European ism or problem.

The desire of a non-white Ismlessist is even more important than that of a white Ismlessist. The deal is that the Ismlessism is a 100% universal and anti-racist religion or religious ism, however, the stipulation should be that a non-white Ismlessist who wishes to follow the Ismlessism should:

  1. Truly and genuinely want us Europeans to fix and remove the ism, namely racism, before anything else at all.
  2. Have absolutely no schadenfreude about Europe’s Holocaust and downfall.
  3. Genuinely admire, like and love Europeans.
  4. MOST IMPORTANTLY have absolutely no DESIRE to destroy, conquer or master Europe or other white countries.

This last point is essential, in that it should be a non-white Ismlessist’s internal conviction, faith or belief to have absolutely zero DESIRE to destroy, conquer or master Europe or Europeans. We white Ismlessists will be able to know and tell if you hide any such DESIRE.

God bless you all! 🙏🏻

Mahatma Gandhi.

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