The desire of a white Ismlessist.

I have been on this quest to solve the ism, namely racism since the 1st of August 2016, I know this because I bought my first book on Amazon on the 31st July 2016. Anyway, one thing that I have definitely learned and understood on my quest is that having the singular desire to help or save white people, with absolutely no desire to attain nirvana, is actually a very modest, humble and altruistic goal or exercise. The Ismlessism is a hypothetical, anti-racist, mystical and non-aspiring (that is, non-Buddha/Christ) religion, like Confucianism, Taoism, Jainism, Zoroastrianism or Hinduism etc, that is, we do not give a damn about personally attaining nirvana for absolutely no good or paramount reason or to simply just sit there yogis-style and ‘be’ it or anything rubbish like that, we just want to save white people, which is an unbelievably modest desire. Therefore, the only desire of a white Ismlessist is to save all white people through non-discriminatory and non-racist ways (and absolutely nothing else like nirvana).

To reiterate the desire of a white Ismlessist is:

  1. To fix and remove the ism, namely the racism.
  2. To remove the racial hatred and anger from the world.
  3. To fix the Holocaust.
  4. To admire, like and love non-white Ismlessists.
  5. To save white people.
  6. MOST IMPORTANTLY to have absolutely zero DESIRE to save white people through discriminatory or racist ways.
  7. To have absolutely no DESIRE to be able to tell the difference between non-white Ismlessists and white Ismlessists. We cannot tell the difference!

The last point is most important, however, second last point is also important because both white and non-white Ismlessists believe that the universe works, and that God and heaven always have and an answer, way or solution to any issue for those who sincerely and humbly ask. Therefore, there WILL be absolutely no need to discriminate against non-white Ismlessists in order to save white people.

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