I would just like to state that I am not and I am never doing taken-for-granted anti-racism, that is, anti-racism WITHOUT a religious ism. All taken-for-granted anti-racists, including governments, the police, politicians and media etc, (who also protect and harbour violent, left-wing extremist groups such as Antifa), currently and (since World War Two) have preached taken-for-granted anti-racism. I went straight from a medium racist to an Ismlessist to a confirmed anti-racist (WITH the forgiveness of Adolf Hitler), without skipping a beat. I have never been a taken-for-granted anti-racist. However, I will do 100% confirmed anti-racism WITH, through or covered by the Ismless + ism. We should never say that we are anti-racists or that we are doing taken-for-granted anti-racism, but that we are Ismlessists and we profess the Ismless + ism. Mainstream politicians being devout taken-for-granted anti-racists etc, do not in any way have to change anything they do or anything they believe, only that they should identify as Ismlessists and they should profess the Ismless + ism. The Ismless + ism is everything you taken-for-granted anti-racists want, only it is much better and a bit more formal to do it WITH a religious ism. You taken-for-granted anti-racists are doing the right thing, only you are not helping or caring about white people simultaneously, whereas the Ismless + ism does. The way that you taken-for-granted anti-racists do anti-racism, WITHOUT fixing or removing the ism, namely racism, only makes non-white people hate us even more. The Ismless + ism came entirely from racism, but it converted me into a convinced, believing and confirmed anti-racist. Therefore, the Ismless + ism came from racism and the right, however, if we are going to do anti-racism, you current left-wing and taken-for-granted anti-racists should have to do the Ismless + ism entirely our way.

I think you get my meaning?

Miocene Adolf Hitler, (chimpanzee) with right hand. Caveman, prehistoric man, subhuman, monkey, ape, primate, animal.
Miocene Adolf Hitler, (chimpanzee) with right hand.

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