In eternity.

One good thing about starting a new religion, is that stars such as physically well-endowed famous actors cannot do it. A new religion can only be started by a not physically well-endowed non-star. If a famous actor or star tried to found a religion they would seen as crazy. It’s a deal, they are multimillionaire and attractive stars who live a life of adulation and luxury, while those who found new religions are unattractive, disabled, poor and live a life of suffering. The Ismlessism also makes anti-racism official. It makes the fact we Europeans do or profess anti-racism official in eternity. This is instead of just unconsciously doing anti-racism or taking anti-racism for granted and unconsciously giving your women and countries away. Are you seriously telling me that you white people are so kind and charitable that you are giving your countries away? You haven’t removed the ism, namely racism. Believe in the Ismlessism. Be convinced about it. The Ismlessism is a machine. It will work. The Ismlessism will remove racism from the world and forgive Adolf Hitler.

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