The Truth (A handful of salt)?

I just wanted to tell you that my 87,000 word anti-racist joke about the forgiveness of Adolf Hitler is a bit like the Old Testament, it’s primitive and not that accurate. We all know that Genesis, the Garden of Eden, Original Sin and The Fall are complete myths. But prior to 19th century people were convinced about the validity of Noah and the flood etc. Anyway, I have read the Bible three times and I understand the Old Testament, it’s less accurate and less enthusiastic than the New Testament, particularly about the prophecy of the coming of the Lord, the ‘son of David’ and the ‘root of Jesse’ etc. Although the Old Testament touches on or predicts the coming of the Messiah in a blasé way, you obviously can’t be as enthusiastic about the coming of the Lord as much as you can after He has already been and gone, as in the New Testament, which is much more accurate and enthusiastic etc. Similarly, my 87,000 word anti-racist joke about the forgiveness of Adolf Hitler is not quite as accurate about or as enthusiastic about universal forgiveness as the Ismlessism, which is like the New Testament, however, it does touch on the matter now and again particularly regarding forgiveness and my motives to save white people etc. It’s like a prediction, but you do not really have to read it. I mean we know the Ismlessism is the ultimate and unquestionable answer to the forgiveness of Adolf Hitler and to the ism, namely racism, however, did I truly ask the question(s) can we forgive Hitler? Can we forgive or fix the Holocaust? Can we fix or remove racism? Can we save white people? Erm. Yes I did! But it’s a bit vague and blasé about some of those questions, a bit like how the Old Testament is vague and blasé about the coming of the Messiah etc. For example, I definitely and emphatically asked the question can we forgive Adolf Hitler? I was just wrong at that point or in the way I was proposing! In fact, in the thesis I try to tell you that that is the way to forgive Adolf Hitler, but it’s not! The Ismlessism is! I definitely asked the question (with both my 87,000 word anti-racist joke and one of my online endeavours to fix racism called ‘True Racism’); can we correct or fix the Holocaust? I definitely pursued a solution to racism for nearly five years with all my heart and soul, however, I was more like trying to correct it or prove it right than remove it. I always said to myself I wish I could find an equation or formula that is unquestionable that would overcome or prove that racism was right. Well, although anti-racist, as you know my prayers were literally answered with the Ismless + ism! I definitely pursued and asked the question can we save white people? I put my absolute heart and soul into my various social media endeavours, my reading and my 87,000 word anti-racist joke about forgiving Adolf Hitler (all in order to save white people) for nearly five years! That was always my goal, that is, saving the white race! I was just a little errant. Also, I have to ask the question is my 87,000 word anti-racist joke about the forgiveness of Adolf Hitler actually anti-racist? Yes it is! (Well reversely or in hindsight). It didn’t start that way but it got progressively more and more anti-racist, PC and polite all the way through as demonstrated by some of the last universal common ancestor (LUCA) Adolf Hitler art works and their attendant speech bubbles, such as, “If life is one and universal, then what does race matter?” Basically the thesis makes the effort to be anti-racist and PC by for example referring to Europeans as clumsy and stupid compared to physically adept and skilled Africans etc and it even specifically states that there is no hate or racism in the thesis a couple of times. There are many ways in which the thesis states or proves it is anti-racist and PC, such as the apology to indigenous or primitive people around the world for European imperialism and colonialism, and the question that I asked which was: Is Tiktaalik roseae, being 375 million year old tetrapodomorph, inferior to Homo sapiens sapiens? Which I answered with the emphatic and reiterated statement that it doesn’t matter if an animal or human is primitive or advanced, ancient or modern, as long as they have the relative value. Having the relative value (which is happiness) is all that matters, not being primitive or advanced evolutionarily or technologically. Therefore the difference between all animals and hominins of the past, present and future, in all stages of primitive or advanced evolutionary anatomy or technology is just a matter of relative value. Whether you are primitive or advanced technologically or evolutionarily, the relative value determines it makes no difference. Therefore, Tiktaalik roseae is an important and beautiful creature. Something the Nazis are not. However, was I anti-racist at the time of writing? No. But I made the effort and it got progressively more so. Basically I was just a little blasé about anti-racism. I mean I honestly also have to ask the question was my 87,000 word anti-racist joke about the forgiveness of Adolf Hitler really a joke? Well yes and no! (Again, yes it definitely is in hindsight!) however, I bloody seriously and really meant it! I mean if I wanted you to take the essay seriously you would probably laugh ‘AT’ me for my totally dumb theory or idea of attaining forgiveness by time travel to the past? Honestly, even if you laugh ‘AT’ me for even trying, that’s fine! As long as it makes you smirk, smile, laugh or even roll around in hysterics that should be enough? That is all my 87,000 word anti-racist joke about the forgiveness of Adolf Hitler is supposed to do, that is, make you smile you (to quote Monty Python’s Life of Brian) “miserable old bugger!” I mean obviously the second law of thermodynamics and statistical mechanics determine that time travel to past is a scientific impossibility. I mean what does it matter if time travel to the past is a scientific impossibility, if the thesis a lighthearted joke? But I mean come on!? A joke is a joke!? Give me a break! Don’t be a geek!? I just tried to lighten up the worst sinners in history, it was meant to be absolute and universal forgiveness. I mean what if we forgave absolutely everything? What if there were no limits to forgiveness? Therefore, I tried to lighten up Adolf Hitler, Jeffrey Dahmer and Jimmy Savile (all in order to forgive Adolf Hitler (in order to save white people)), you know, as in lighthearted, as in a joke? So take spiritual time travel (STT) as a joke and with a handful of salt! Therefore, take whole bleeding thesis as a joke and with handful of salt! Wouldn’t a lighthearted joke be enough to forgive? “No bones!” So there you have it, I did ask the question or those questions, which were fulfilled or answered by or with the Ismless + ism. It’s just that prior to the Ismless + ism, I am a much less accurate and a little less enthusiastic about it, a bit how like the Old Testament touches on the coming of the ‘son of David’ or the ‘root of Jesse’ in a blasé way. The Ismless + ism is much more accurate and enthusiastic, and this is similar to the New Testament. I mean it’s almost as if (by going off evolutionary biologists such as Richard Dawkins and his book ‘The God Delusion’) that the writer of Genesis, that is, Moses, was expected to have absolutely all knowledge from all of time and all at once, in some sort of orgasm! It’s as if Richard Dawkins honestly somehow expected Moses to have evolution by natural selection and Big Bang theory in 1300 BC! The Old Testament is cool! It’s not a geek! It doesn’t care if it’s not that accurate! Similarly, by how I have been attacked and harassed online and on social media and banned from advertising on Facebook etc, I sometimes feel like I am or was expected to have all knowledge and answers about the forgiveness of Adolf Hitler and the Ismlessism instantly and all at once in some sort of cosmic orgasm. Again, similarly my 87,000 word anti-racist joke about the forgiveness of Adolf Hitler is thick, wrong and inaccurate, but the lesson is that a geek would NEVER ask the question can we forgive Adolf Hitler? 👊🏻

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