I just thought I would reiterate an important point that I came across writing my last post, which is motive. Another thing about science is that it puts lay people (like me) off from seriously taking up non-career oriented, academic reading and especially writing an independent 87,000 word thesis (on the outside of universities). When you take up reading and write a thesis independently on the outside of universities you work for virtue, to save white people and not your career goals. When you work not for career goals but for virtue, your motive is different, such as mine was always to save white people. However, you would not be allowed to have the motive to save white people at university. I mean you may end up doing something as random as astrophysics or you may end up doing something like post-impressionist oil painting, but your motive must always be to save white people. Every twitch of your finger must be to save white people. That was always my motivation and I mean ALWAYS 100% all of the time, all the way through my 5 year long reading and writing endeavour etc. I mean I wouldn’t have read a single letter if my motivation wasn’t for white people. And to be honest I could even go back to 2006/2007 (way before I started reading) as to where my motivations to save white people came from. Therefore, the motive is most important. If you want to write a thesis and change the world, you must find your pure, devoted, unadulterated and eternal motive. Now on the subject of the eternal motive, Adolf Hitler had the evil motive to kill 6 million Jewish people. Obviously my motive to save white people is not the same as Adolf Hitler’s motive. Having the eternal motive to save white people and no desire to attain nirvana is an unbelievably modest desire.

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