I am reading about other religions to see if I can pick anything up. I’m currently half way Taoism for Dummies and what I am starting to understand generally is that a lot of religions (especially eastern religions) are quite mystical and inaccurate compared to western science. For example, Taoism has its beliefs in the Tao (the Way), yin-yang theory, ch’i, the five elements (wood, fire, earth, metal and water) and traditional Chinese medicine etc. All of the above theories are interrelated, for example ch’i tells acupuncturists which body parts to puncture etc. Obviously this is similar to pre-modern western medicine with its humorism or the humoral theory, which began to fall out of favor in the 1850s. It was the west that brought the world out of such ancient and medieval knowledge and invented the scientific method and modern medicine etc. However, I am not showing off, because it was the west that had two world wars and a Holocaust (with all that precise science)! Also, science is rational, neutral and amoral and will therefore, never forgive us for our sins, the Holocaust and Adolf Hitler etc. And finally, as mentioned, advanced science puts lay people like me off of independent reading, writing and philosophising etc. I mean obviously the five Chinese elements are imprecise while the periodic table of western chemistry is precise, but on which side of the imprecise/precise fence does the Ismless + ism fall? The Ismless + ism is precision, the universe made it the perfect solution to racism, that is, its divine purpose is to fix, overcome and remove the other most powerful noun in the universe, namely, racism. Therefore, the Ismless + ism is fact, it is very precise. However, it is just one word! Taoism has over 1500 texts as well as the above mentioned imprecise theories and doctrines etc. Therefore, mystical religions such as Taoism and the Kabbalah (which has the mystical Tree of Life and the Zohar etc) have a lot of theory, scriptures and stuff associated with them, yet they are mystical and imprecise, while on the other hand the Ismless + ism is just one precise word! (Note: all the precepts and beliefs on my website are simply what I learned from other religions). I mean I am not an ancient person, I am a modern person trying to found a new religion, however, most imprecise religions were begun in the axial age before Christ, therefore, obviously I cannot create any mystical and imprecise doctrine such as the Tree of Life with its 10 mystical dimensions etc. (I’m not that crazy!) I have to stay science fact. But the consequence is that the Ismless + ism has nothing to it, it is just one very precise word! What I do know is that there is nothing more or higher than the Ismless + ism for racism. I mean was the Ismless + ism designed? No, it was always there. It’s an absolute truth and absolute truths are never created, only discovered. I mean obviously I want the Ismless + ism to be a religion because that’s kind of cool, but it may not have to be? It’s just a matter of whatever works best? The Ismless + ism could be a philosophical or political ism etc? So what makes the Ismless + ism a religion? I don’t really know, it just seems to really like religious symbols and art etc. Also I just prefer religion, I am more comfortable with religion, as opposed to NGOs and political parties etc.

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