The Concept.

Just to follow up on my previous post, I have read the Bible three times and I understand it well, you just get better with it over time. The main lesson, concept, truth or meaning of both the Old Testament and the New Testament is that Jesus Christ (and the Buddha) are an inverse Pharaoh or an inverse god king. It’s the lesson of life or the universe, it’s the lesson from all of prehistory and antiquity. Basically, before Jesus Christ, ancient Pharaohs, kings and emperors tended to self-deify or be deified, for example Menhutep II blatantly self-deified, Julius Caesar was deified and Augustus (Octavian) also straddled the borders of divinity. This is how humanity came in the first place, before Jesus Christ, that is, they made the richest and most powerful deities. Obviously after Jesus Christ, the true God and King of the universe, who was born in a humble manger and who came to serve and not be served etc, subtly and all of a sudden nobody wants to be Menhutep II, and kings and emperors subtly no longer wish to be deified. The only reason European medieval Christian monarchs didn’t self-deify is probably because of Jesus Christ. And remember this eternal lesson is the reason Jesus Christ died!! Jesus Christ died to teach god kings, divine emperors and all of mankind this eternal lesson!! Siddhartha Gautama also did precisely the same thing with His Great Renunciation. Basically Siddhartha Gautama renounced his royal titles, luxuries and wives etc and became an extreme ascetic who nearly starved himself to death!! It’s exactly the same lesson, that is, from royalty to poverty and nirvana. Therefore, humanity has been taught the same eternal lesson about riches and wealth TWICE!! I mean take this eternal lesson from the Bible metaphorically, allegorically or kabbalistically not literally, by this I mean that the ‘Pharaoh’ stands for or represents anyone who is rich and famous today, who just wants to attain nirvana (like yeah right good luck with that one with all your lolly). It’s a lesson that no one ever seems to learn properly. Therefore, the lesson, which still applies today, is basically that there are two options in life, firstly, you can be a metaphorical ‘Pharaoh’ in life, that is rich, famous, vain and go down in history, or you can be like Jesus Christ and the Buddha, that is, poor, ascetic, modest, who attains nirvana and goes down for eternity! Don’t care about money.

“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 5:3

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