The Difference.

The difference between the Ismless + ism and anti – racism is that the Ismless + ism removes racism totally, peacefully, amicably and positively, while anti – racism just attacks and scorns racism maliciously and negatively without removing it from the universe. This means that all white people are being attacked. The Ismless + ism forgives Adolf Hitler for the Holocaust while anti – racism does not even think about the forgiveness of Adolf Hitler. Anti – racism is not a solution to racism. Although it wins, anti – racism just perpetuates racial hatred and anger in the world. And it gets white people’s backs up. Anti – racism is code for anti-white, while although the Ismless + ism peacefully removes racism, it is also positively-white. The perfect and peaceful solution to racism requires a lot more thought than simply just the opposite, the solution to racism is the Ismless + ism.

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