Hypothetical syncretic religion.

SYNCRETIC – adjective:

combining or bringing together different philosophical, religious, or cultural principles and practices: The Afro-Brazilian religion is syncretic, mingling the pantheon, practices, and beliefs brought to South America by enslaved Yorubans with the Catholicism of colonial European culture.

The Ismless + ism is the punchline 👊🏻 to the 87,000 word anti-racist joke about the forgiveness of Adolf Hitler. It is a new hypothetical, syncretic and anti-racist religion, that is (through the forgiveness of Adolf Hitler) about the forgiveness and well being of all white people. As Sasha Baron Cohen would say, the Ismless + ism is a new hypothetical anti-racist and syncretic religion for make benefit glorious continent of Europe. What is the Ismless + ism? Firstly, you need to know that I am developing the Ismless + ism entirely from my own example, because I am the individual who discovered it, therefore, although like the Christian nativity, it is as relevant to 4 year olds as it is centenarians, it is an intellectual, academic but non-scientific religion. This is because it was entirely attained through reading, praying and writing etc. Like myself, the Ismless + ism is a syncretic religion as it borrows many precepts, morals, beliefs and concepts from many other religions. For example, although I personally prefer 100% masculine monotheism, however, you can be any type of religion such as polytheistic, atheistic, animist or totemistic etc as well. I mean I believe you don’t have to identify as a 100% Ismlessist, for example, I am a definitely Christian but I also learn from and use Judaism, Buddhism, Islam and Taoism. Therefore, I believe that I am a Christian or Catholic Ismlessist. Therefore, I believe you can be a Hindu Ismlessist or a Buddhist Ismlessist or a Muslim Ismlessist etc. I mean if you want to you could also identify as an Ismlessist politically or philosophically, much like how people identify as a racist, anti-racist, Communist, Nazi, conservative, liberal or fascist etc. I just prefer religion to any of those political or philosophical isms because they were the cause of the Holocaust. Therefore, although I am a Christian Ismlessist, what do I take from other religions? If you read the 11 precepts in the menu you will get a good idea, however, here is a list:

  • Christianity – compassionate charity, reward in charity, poverty, asceticism, the moral that opposed to a super rich Pharaoh who thought he was a god, that Jesus Christ, being true God and King of the universe was born in a humble manger, masculine monotheism, ultimate salvation of Europeans, prayer, prophecy etc.
  • Catholicism – disability or the fact that you can be a saintly simpleton such as St. André Bessette, who was illiterate or an evil genius such as the Nazis (who were doctors etc) and the fact that Catholicism takes all shapes and sizes, in that (to quote Monty Python) ‘you don’t have to be a six footer and you don’t have to have a great brain’ etc, the communion of Saints and the fact that you don’t have to attain nirvana or enlightenment to be venerated or a Saint etc.
  • Buddhism – compassionate charity, reward in charity, poverty, asceticism, moderation, The Middle Way, the moral of the Buddha’s Great Renunciation, that is, from royalty to an ascetic who nearly starved himself to death to nirvana and enlightenment, meditation, mindfulness etc.
  • Jainism – nonviolence and peace etc.
  • Judaism – choseness of the Jewish people, compassionate charity, reward in charity, for example, charity to the widows and orphans, God, the Lord, YHWH, 100% masculine monotheism, prophecy, the fact that you don’t need to attain nirvana or enlightenment to attain an ism etc.
  • Islam – 100% and absolute masculine monotheism, prophecy, the fact that you don’t need to attain nirvana or enlightenment to attain an ism etc.
  • Taoism – the Tao (The Way), non-doing (wu wei), meditation, sitting and forgetting (tso-wang), immorality, internal and external alchemy, the fact that you don’t need to attain nirvana or enlightenment to attain an ism etc.

Note: there will be many more religions to come through more reading.

I am still working things out, for example, is the Ismless + ism really religious or political or philosophical? So please be kindly patient if I contradict myself sometimes. The deal is that the ismlessism is a universal or anti-racist religion, however, the stipulation is: 

  • As long as Adolf Hitler is THE Ismlessist and believes in and professes the Ismlessim he is forgiven, therefore, Antifa have to chill out, stop their violence towards white people (and those who want to be white Ismlessists) and forgive Adolf Hitler also. The Ismlessim removes racism from Adolf Hitler and therefore, the Ismlessim is the complete and humorous forgiveness of Adolf Hitler that leads to the forgiveness of all white people and to their being admired and even loved by non-white Ismlessists.
  • Non-white Ismlessists have to lose the DESIRE to want to destroy, conquer and master Europe, Europeans or white Ismlessists.

I mean if the Ismless + ism is a universal and anti-racist religion, why identify as 100% Buddhist, 100% Hindu or %100 Muslim? If humanity is 100% universal and anti-racist, why not take a look at other religions? For example, if you are a devout Muslim why not take a look a Taoism, Hinduism or Christianity? Like how the law of the Ismless + ism is NO ISMS humanity is one and universal. Therefore, it is syncretic.

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