What the Ismless + ism does as opposed to what the it is. Is it invisible?

Ismlessism symbol.

As you’ve may have noticed I change my symbol for the Ismless + ism quite a lot. I have never been and am still not entirely happy with my symbol for the Ismless + ism. I have tried many things which work in different ways, for example the Yin-Yang symbol which works in that it artistically looks like an Asian ism, however, the Yin-Yang symbol actually means something quite deep and complex and obviously other than the ‘religious ism’, aesthetic, artistic or creative qualities it has no actual bearing or relation to the Ismless + ism whatsoever. I mean Adolf Hitler borrowed the swastika from Jainism and what did that mean? I suppose that I thought along similar lines only in an opposite, peaceful and nonviolent sense. Asia has ALL the religious isms while Europe has none! I have also tried a general prohibition sign over the word ‘isms’ which worked but is a little non-religious, political, philosophical and not that attractive? Therefore, I have really racked my brains about what the Ismless + ism is and how to fundamentally visualise or represent it? I have come to the conclusion that the Ismless + ism is basically formless, unrepresentable and unvisualisable? It’s nothing! However, I have come up with a symbol that indirectly represents what the Ismless + ism does as opposed to what it is. The Ismless +ism cuts the head off the snake, which means it removes the racism from Adolf Hitler, which absolves each and every individual (countless) act of evil committed by subordinate Nazis during World War Two. Forgiving Adolf Hitler through the Ismless + ism doesn’t just apply to Nazis, it is in theory absolute and universal forgiveness, in that it applies to all of us! Therefore, we can use the Ismless + ism to forgive all other smaller-scale serious sinners such as Jeffrey Dahmer, Jimmy Savile etc. And therefore, we can use the Ismless + ism in order to forgive all of us for all of our relatively minor sins, including our inconsequential acts of theft, our sexual deviances and all other lesser sins throughout all of space and time? Take the opportunity! I mean what do Adolf Hitler, Jeffrey Dahmer and Jimmy Savile care about our relatively minor sins? Therefore, that is what the Ismless + ism does, it cuts the head off the snake and that is one way to represent or visualise it, but how to visualise or represent it directly or fundamentally I have no idea. What do you think? Do you have any ideas of how to represent or visualise the Ismless + ism directly or fundamentally?

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