I just wanted to state something which I think is important. As you know I have stated and encouraged lay people (like me) to take up serious, non-career oriented, academic reading, research and writing etc about anything at all that they passionately believe in, in some kind of unorthodox or unofficial free thinking university; that is not limited by taboos and political correctness etc. I also stated that motive is paramount, in that you must find your pure, devoted, unadulterated and eternal motive, like mine was always to save white people. However, I am coming to the conclusion that there is something particularly right about my motive or motives. I mean I am worried that you go barking up the wrong tree for 5 years, however, although barking up the wrong tree is exactly what I did for 5 years and my 87,000 word anti-racist joke about the forgiveness of Adolf Hitler was barking up the wrong tree, however, it was not entirely and not ultimately barking up the wrong tree as it led to the Ismless + ism. This proves that you can never tell if someone is entirely barking up the wrong tree? They may have it wrong today but their heart might be in the right place and their motives may be right. Therefore, I just wanted to forewarn you that there appears to be something particularly right or correct about the motive to save white people. I will bullet point my motive(s) to make it clearer:

  • Save white people.
  • Forgiveness.
  • The absolution of Adolf Hitler.
  • Overcome racism.
  • Etc.

To reiterate, there just seems to be something particularly right about the above motive(s) as they definitely work. I am just worried that you choose a motive that is a dud or dead in the water? However, remember I initially wanted to prove racism right only to find out that the perfect answer (and what I truly wanted) was actually anti-racist, namely, the Ismless + ism, which does save white people and is the forgiveness of Adolf Hitler etc. Therefore, think very carefully about your motive, copy mine if you like! The more people who find ways to save white people the better!

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