As well.

As you may know I DJ online as well, and it has just dawned on that despite all of my silly childhood and teenage desires, if I was just a DJ today, even a professional superstar DJ, I would be in hell right now. Like everything, DJing (especially superstar DJing) is about saving or being a saviour and I would be in absolute hell if I couldn’t say what I have to say about the Ismless + ism. There is real and serious saving or saviour stuff out there such as the Ismless + ism which does actually forgive Adolf Hitler and save white people etc. Although Paul Oakenfold and Danny Rampling changed the world with Acid House during the second summer of love back in 1988 with clubs such as Spectrum and Shoom in London, you cannot say specifically everything that you want to say with music, as all your lyrics have to rhyme etc. Therefore, I would be in hell if I was trapped as just a DJ in wonderland, not being able to say what I needed to say about the Ismless + ism. Don’t get me wrong I love DJing, however, I would never be just a DJ. I would first of all have a main day job such as the Ismless + ism that does actually save white people and then just DJ, enjoy myself and let my hair down at night or on weekends AS WELL.

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