So in the last month I have read two books on Taoism (or Daoism as it’s pronounced) and I have just read the introduction of Confucius: And The World He Created, by Michael Schuman, and I have never been so gripped by a book, in all my 155 books read to date, I have never read such an interesting a book as this one about Confucius. Although I have only read the introduction I can tell that Confucius is truly something and is truly huge, and this has got me thinking again (as usual). China has the world’s best food, a huge united country, a huge population, several religious isms, an up and coming superpower, its own civilisation and great men such as Confucius. What more is there to desire? Europe on the other hand has Adolf Hitler. Europe has Socrates with Adolf Hitler, Plato with Adolf Hitler, Aristotle with Adolf Hitler, Da Vinci with Adolf Hitler, the renaissance with Adolf Hitler, Jesus Christ with Adolf Hitler and even our fish and chips comes with Adolf Hitler. Everything we Europeans have done and achieved throughout our recorded history has been tainted by Adolf Hitler. Plus we are a fading superpower, our countries are tiny and disunited and our food stinks! We are miserable. Therefore, we Europeans need to remove, ameliorate or neutralise Adolf Hitler, religiously, philosophically or spiritually from the atmosphere, air, aether or space time continuum. That is exactly why I am doing what I do, that is exactly why I am researching, writing, publishing or promulgating the Ismless + ism. I am using the Ismless + ism to philosophically cleave or remove the racism from Adolf Hitler and the world. Cleaving the racism from Adolf Hitler (i.e.: cutting the head off the snake) is not just his absolution, it is also not just the absolution of all subordinate Nazis for their countless acts of evil during World War Two, it is philosophically and spiritually good for Europe! We Europeans can be great again! We can be Socrates, Plato, Aristotle and Jesus Christ again without Adolf Hitler. Shit even our food might improve? That is why I am pissing into the wind with the absolution of Adolf Hitler. No body listens to me. People are like why on Earth do you want to forgive Adolf Hitler? To me it’s a silly question, because it is so obvious that there are huge benefits for Europeans with his genuine absolution or forgiveness. You will never cut the head off the snake or remove or cleave the racism from Adolf Hitler with anti-racism, it just pisses him (and me) off!! The only way to do that is with the Ismless + ism and then we might get Socrates, and then we might get Plato, Aristotle, Jesus Christ and mushy peas!

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