It symbolises world peace.

Is it a question of what symbolises the Ismless + ism? Or is it a question of what does the Ismless + ism symbolise? I have come to the conclusion that whatever image, object, shape or art represents, visualises or symbolises the Ismless + ism, that what is most important is that the Ismless + ism symbolises world peace! Therefore, the symbol of the new hypothetical, syncretic and anti-racist religion of the Ismless + ism must symbolise world peace! Cutting the head off the snake symbolises an action of what the Ismless + ism does as opposed to what it is. I mean is the Ismless + ism invisible? However, does cutting the head off the snake symbolise world peace? I mean the symbol of the ismless + ism may have to be a peace dove or a peace symbol etc in order to reflect the fact that the invisible Ismless + ism symbolises world peace!

World peace
Nobel peace prize.

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