Serious paradox!

Forgive Adolf Hitler
Miocene Adolf Hitler, Charles Darwin. Caveman, prehistoric man, subhuman, monkey, ape, primate, animal.

Please note I have started a brand new essay, I have decided to create a new essay by coagulating a selection of my favourite posts since 12th April 2021, when I discovered the Ismless + ism. The essay currently stands at 24,000 words, but I am hoping or aiming to get the essay up to (Phd-level) 80,000 plus words so that it becomes a real (2nd) thesis. I am getting into SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and I have been searching Google for the phrase ‘forgive Adolf Hitler’ and what I have noticed that comes up is so bloody unfunny and so bloody serious! They haven’t a clue how to genuinely forgive Adolf Hitler with lightheartedness and humour. I mean I have two theses now, the first one which you already know is the (erroneous) 87,000 word anti-racist joke about how to forgive Adolf Hitler and my second new thesis (or essay as it currently stands) is the Ismless + ism, which actually is the true and genuine absolution of Adolf Hitler. However, true and genuine forgiveness requires lightheartedness, comedy and humour etc and my 100 or so works of comical digital art are pretty much essential to the whole project. Without the comical digital art my website and two theses would be boring and would not work. I mean it’s seriously funny or a serious catch-22 because as an expert academic at a university, how could you write a serious thesis that conforms to house rules, with expert references and Ibids etc, about the genuine forgiveness of Adolf Hitler without being comical, lighthearted or funny at the same time? It’s impossible. I mean it’s a serious paradox that universities are not known for their humour, in that universities are generally more or less 100% serious. This means we are helpless with the forgiveness of serious sin, such as those committed by Adolf Hitler, Jeffrey Dahmer and Jimmy Savile etc. Therefore, this means that we Europeans are doomed because of the Holocaust and therefore, we will never achieve our salvation. This determines that we lay people should take up serious academic reading, research and writing independently on the outside of formal institutions such as universities. Perhaps the church would consider humour? We will never attain world peace without the true forgiveness and genuine absolution of Adolf Hitler. Even if he is one person and we forgive everyone except Adolf Hitler, we will never attain world peace. This is what seriously unfunny Antifa (Antifascists) need to accept! And remember concerning my other or first (erroneous) thesis, even though time travel to the past is impossible a joke is a joke is joke! And lightheartedness is all that forgiveness requires. Therefore, I have been seriously dedicated to saving my people since the 1st of August 2016. I spent nearly 5 years reading over 130 books and I wrote an 87,000 word anti-racist joke about how to forgive of Adolf Hitler, which simplified down to one mathematically perfect one word equation, formula or answer, namely, the Ismless + ism. There is nothing more or higher than the Ismless + ism regarding racism. The Ismless + ism is the ultimate and unquestionable answer and solution to the ism, namely racism. The Ismless + ism is a DOUBLE ism, it is thee ism, it is a brand new religious ism and it is the ultimate one word answer or solution to the other ism, namely racism.

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