It doesn’t matter!

Are you seriously saying that the Ismless + ism doesn’t matter? Ok, I’ll just pack it up and take the whole website with me to my grave so that no one ever knows about it! Whoosh! It’s gone! I’m joking of course, however, I do have a point because it’s the very nature of the Holocaust that nothing matters. It’s just too much and no matter how much you plead and cry with the Jews for example, it just doesn’t matter. For example, the term Kniefall von Warschau (German for “Warsaw genuflection”) refers to a gesture of humility and penance performed by West German Chancellor Willy Brandt on December 7, 1970, in Warsaw, Poland, towards the victims of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. However, this type of sincere and genuine humility and genuflection toward Jewish people just doesn’t matter. It’s futile! Concerning the Holocaust, it doesn’t matter how sincere you are. Trust me, we Europeans (including myself) are all bent over double trying to fix the Holocaust and make it up to the Jewish people, but it just doesn’t matter how insanely bent double you are, the Holocaust is far more. Or for example, if all of European men promised to marry Jewish women, it just wouldn’t matter. If you sincerely apologised to the Jews for the Holocaust, it just doesn’t matter. If you told a lighthearted joke about the Holocaust, it just doesn’t matter. Nothing is worth the Holocaust. The genuine absolution of or fix for the Holocaust would be quite literally priceless! You just can’t put a price on 6 million lives! For example. without the Ismless + ism, Adolf Hitler could be up there in heaven (bless his cotton socks) screaming and shouting that he’s no longer a racist!!! But it just doesn’t matter!! Now as you know the Ismless + ism cleaves or removes the racism from Adolf Hitler in eternity, therefore, the Ismless + ism does honestly really matter! To remove the racism from Adolf Hitler is priceless! And pretty funny too. Therefore, the Ismless + ism is a diamond! The Ismless + ism is quite literally potentially priceless!

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