Leave it to the professionals?

I am currently paying a small fortune for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to get the Ismless + ism to come up first on Google for the term ‘forgive Adolf Hitler.’ I believe this is important as I believe the Ismless + ism is potentially important enough to warrant properly publishing and promulgating it. I have other keywords such as ‘Caveman Adolf Hitler’, which if you try searching for on Google, you will see that my comical digital art webpage comes up second. This is all because of the money and energy I have ploughed into SEO over the last month or so. I am only just beginning with SEO and it will take a while to see the results. Please note that the most important keyword phrase for the Ismless + ism is ‘forgive Adolf Hitler’, and that ‘Caveman Adolf Hitler’ is just a secondary keyword phrase to do with my comical digital art. I mean all this SEO stuff has got me dreaming even bigger as it gives you confidence to see your website come up on Google, and I have been thinking that my ultimate dream would be to publish a small book titled something like ‘The Ismlessist Manifesto’ or ‘Ismlessism: How to Forgive Adolf Hitler’ etc. As you know I have experience as I have already wrote an 87,000 word thesis, (which isn’t good enough to publish), however, I believe that the Ismless + ism is good enough to publish, if I can only get the word count up to PhD level 80,000 plus words. The Ismless + ism essay currently stands at 29,000 words but I am confident that by this time next year I will have achieved my word count goal. I mean you can publish your own book online for a few hundred pounds with a proper ISBN etc, which sounds great. However, I am only a layman who has read 150 + books on a wide variety of subjects, I am not a qualified professional academic or writer and I get the feeling that if I did publish a small 120 page book on the Ismless + ism and the forgiveness of Adolf Hitler, that people would probably tell me to ‘leave it to the professionals’? But this is exactly my point, in that there are no professionals or experts on the absolution of Adolf Hitler, Jeffrey Dahmer and Jimmy Savile etc! There are no experts on extreme or ultimate forgiveness. Also, I am fairly confident that if we just ‘leave it to the professionals’ that the Ismless + ism and forgiveness of Adolf Hitler will be left for eternity down here on Earth. We will literally wait for eternity for a ‘professional’ to write a book about the genuine absolution of Adolf Hitler and the Ismless + ism, and in reality it will likely just never happen. Why? Because professionals are too afraid of ruining their careers and reputations etc. Therefore, this has got me thinking, in that I believe that I may actually be the world’s foremost expert on the forgiveness of Adolf Hitler? This is simply because no one else has ever dared to try. In fact, because I deal with and technically forgive the worlds most severe sins, and because using the Ismless + ism to cut the head off the snake (by cleaving the racism Adolf Hitler) leads to the automatic forgiveness of all other lesser sins by default, such as those committed by all subordinate Nazis during World War Two as well as other smaller-scale sinners such as Jeffrey Dahmer and Jimmy Savile etc, therefore I could actually be the worlds foremost expert on general forgiveness? I mean there are plenty of wishy washy books out there on wishy washy forgiveness, such as how to forgive your cheating spouse etc, but none of them are authoritative on forgiveness. To be authoritative on forgiveness you have got to genuinely be able to forgive Adolf Hitler, because that’s what cuts the head off the snake etc. I mean Google has this thing for SEO called E-A-T which stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness. E-A-T is a set of official recommendations for delivering a quality experience online. It focuses on the quality of the content and the creators of that content, as well as the website itself. Basically you’ve got to be an ‘expert’ and ‘authoritative’ for Google to give a shit about your website. What a load of crap! There are no authoritative experts in the world on the forgiveness of Adolf Hitler except me! And I am only an unqualified layman. I mean like I said if we ‘leave it to the professionals’ clearly ‘it’ will never get done, because experts and academics are too restricted and limited by taboos and political correctness. I mean honestly professional academics read about as much as I have read (150 + books) and they are simply expert at producing professional theses with proper references and Ibids etc, and that’s about it. Therefore, if I do publish a small book on the Ismless + ism and I do get told to ‘leave it to the professionals’ you will therefore, be geeking over nothing more that references and Ibids etc, never mind the extremely important message of the content. I mean did the biblical writers such as Moses have references and Ibids? No! I mean don’t get me wrong, I have completed a dissertation and several papers before at university and I will do my best to reference and Ibid my thesis as professionally as I possibly can, but at the end of the day I am not a professional academic in that kind of technical way, I am a layman who is unfortunately the world’s foremost and eminent authority on the forgiveness of Adolf Hitler.

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