The right to forgive.

Do only Jewish people have the right to forgive Adolf Hitler? Not really. Although Adolf Hitler persecuted the Jewish people the most, Adolf Hitler had a go at everybody, as he even considered the French and English lower classes inferior etc. However, most importantly he totally ruined the future and prospects of Europe. Adolf Hitler ruined everything for all white people (including Jewish people) all over the globe as evidenced by such as the plight of white South Africa etc. Adolf Hitler also robbed Western European countries of their overseas empires etc. Whether they want to admit it or not, or whether they want to twist reality and call it a cause for celebration, or be real and admit that it’s a disgrace, white people are losing ground everywhere politically, concerning power and demographically etc, even in their own countries and heartlands etc. In fact, I even sometimes jokingly blame my own personal woes and mental health issues on Adolf Hitler, because if my country and continent were positive, forward and doing well, then perhaps I would personally or individually be positive, forward and doing well etc? Adolf Hitler affects us all. If you are non-white he benefits you, whereas, if you are white he is a scourge and curse to you. So what has Adolf Hitler done to us? It is something fundamental to white people. It is something fundamental to the well being, strength, fecundity, fertility and vitality of all white people. It is the ism, namely racism. Racism is fundamentally broken. And this means that white people are fundamentally broken. White people cannot do or attempt a single positive or proactive action or step for themselves without the ism, namely racism. Adolf Hitler broke the one and only ism that white people need in order to survive and thrive by themselves. He made white people ismless. Therefore, that is why I am researching and promulgating another very powerful and fundamental ism, namely the Ismless + ism, which is the antidote or cure to racism. The Ismless + ism removes racism both from Adolf Hitler and the world. The Ismless + ism cleaves and removes the racism from the air, atmosphere, aether or space time continuum etc. Like penicillin, the Ismless + ism cleans and neutralises the bacillus of racism and Adolf Hitler’s disease which is parasitically sapping the strength of and slowly killing white people and the white race. I am promulgating the Ismless + ism for the benefit of Europe, all white people and world peace. The Ismless + ism is an alternative to racism, call it the methadone of racism.

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