Racism is not a religion.

The problem for racists, is that they follow, make, profess or identify as a political or philosophical ism and not a religion or religious ism. Therefore, this means that when they are negatively, viciously and maliciously attacked for their beliefs by anti-racists, either on social media or sometimes physically by extremists such as Antifa, they are never martyrs. I mean I believe that racists suffer abuse mentally, emotionally and physically for their beliefs for absolutely no reason whatsoever, and this is because racism is not a religion. However, because the Ismless + ism is a good and benign religion, if (God forbid) Ismlessists are ever attacked, either verbally online or physically by extremist anti-racists for their faith and beliefs, they would be martyrs, much like how early Christians were martyred and persecuted by the Romans etc. To reiterate, this is because they have a religion and it is not a political position or opinion that they have, but a genuine faith and belief. Therefore, consider becoming an Ismlessist instead. The Ismless + ism is the methadone of racism.

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